Monday, 6 February 2017

Without Getting Into Who Said,

'whiskey's for drinking water's for fighting over',

it was thought to have been Mark Twain, water is a valuable resource world wide, I have seen water collectors like the ones above before, but these in the area around Mount Boutmezguida, which is known for being one of the driest parts of Morocco, but also the foggiest seem to be extra efficient,

engineer Peter Trautwein of the German Water Foundation volunteered his time to develop CloudFisher

it is a series of nets which when the fog rolls in from the ocean traps water in the fog, but not just any old net,

Trautwein experimented with various structures of net to see which ones yielded the most water, ultimately, monofilaments similar to monofilament fishing line were the most effective, they do not degrade easily and have considerable stretch in some cases up to 25% meaning they can stretch rather than break in strong winds, the netting’s tiny triangular openings fill with water, which then trickles down to the collector at the base, the CloudFisher system was installed with the help of NGO Dar si Hmed and won the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Momentum for Change Award, it’s capable of harvesting between four and fourteen litres of water per square meter of net, ultimately producing up to 36,000 litres (9,510 gallons) of water a day for the area’s 800 residents, what a boon to people living in rain less but foggy environments.

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