Tuesday, 21 February 2017

By Now The Kittens Had Fully Recovered,

from being spayed and neutered,

 and their top-up injections for cat flu and other feline problems were finished, it was shower time!

 Diana chose Hogue first, in previous shower times as soon as he knows what is happening he goes into 'you can not catch me' mode, so it was easy just to pick him up first,

 I can imagine him now thinking that he will not go out there again, 

 next Mariana,

 who also took refuge on the cat tower after the shampoo,

 lastly Cable,  

 who just sat in the middle of the room giving everyone the evils, 

 for some reason I had manged to buy two of one type of their dry food and none of the other,

 so back to the pet store at the rear of the weekend night market on Thepprasit Road,

the store opens everyday at 3.00 in the afternoon, except Wednesdays, 

 I had a few bills to pay, in one of the offices I noticed this poster,

 so for anyone out here wanting to visit,

 here are the details,

 arriving home I noticed two of Diana's stinky cactus were in bud, in the centre of the picture, 

 a cluster of small buds,

 also this one had a huge number of buds,

I counted an unlucky 13, hopefully in a few days time they will all open, I should have said that first thing in the morning I checked the angelfish eggs, alas they had all gone, oh well hopefully they will be more successful next time,

after our evening meal and a couple of antiques shows and a few from Judge Judy we rounded off the evening with Gods of Egypt, a real fast paced fantasy adventure, the sets and special effects were stunningly good and the story line was not bad either, but forget all you know about the real ancient Egypt this is all flying Gods and Demons and with that we were off to bed.

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