Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Another One Of Those Good Luck Stories,

we like so much,

an unnamed man in Bolsover, Ontario, received an inheritance back in the 1980s. He hid $100,000 of it, in $50 bills, inside a television set, then he forgot where he put it, some time over the next 30 years, he gave the TV set to a friend, who used it until about a year ago, when it was sent to Global Electric Electronic Processing (GEEP) in Barrie, Ontario, for recycling, there the TV sat until last month, when it was taken apart, employees were surprised to find a box full of cash, and this is where the good luck comes in,

Barrie police reunited a 68-year-old man from Bolsover, Ont., a village of about 400 people in the Kawartha Lakes region, with the cash, using banking records from 1985 to trace the owner, police did not release his name because of privacy concerns, “This is a unique situation where this large quantity of money was missing without anyone knowing it was missing,” Const. Nicole Rodgers said. “He hadn’t even realised with the police officers sitting in his house that they were speaking of the cash box with his money in it, in his mind, he thought it was still somewhere else in his house.” and it has to be said full marks and a gold star to the crew and management at Global Electric Electronic Processing in Barrie, Ont., when a GEEP employee removed the back of the television, the cash box holding the bills was immediately visible, because the television was given to them, there was no requirement for the plant’s employees to turn the money inside over to the police, “The whole company brand is built on security and integrity,” said GEEP’s vice president of operations, Lew Coffin, who added GEEP has found smaller cash amounts hidden within stereos, speakers and computers they recycle, "if it comes to GEEP, we’ll return it." Good luck or what?

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