Wednesday, 15 February 2017

School Days,

as I get older I seem to think back to them more,

carrying books and of course a pencil case, but I was surprised to see how much parents have to spend on such items nowadays for their precious ones not to feel left out of the latest fashions in the youngsters trips to school, take these must have items from Louis Vuitton such as the pencil case above, from the blurb, 'it has the signatures with an elegant look, monogram canvas, VVN leather and the LV Circle motif add branded touches, while the colour will brighten up your desk', available in red or marine,
and of course you need pencils to go in it, again from the blurb on the website, 'these luxurious yet affordable leather-coated pencils offer a selection of refined details. Featuring two striking colours and a Monogram Flower clasp, they make a fun gift',
and no pencil case could be complete without a ruler, which, 'is lined with leather for extra comfort. Inspired by childhood memories, the three flowers can be used as stencils, offering a smart and playful signature touch.' well if you send your kid to school with out these you should be ashamed, think of all of the ribbing the kids with these items will direct at your kids with inferior products, oh I forgot to mention how much this small school kit costs, pencil case £270, the two pencils, £120 and finally the ruler, £140, at these prices I am surprised kids do not get mugged on the way to school!

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