Monday, 6 February 2017

A Couple Of Months Ago,

the black kitten that adopted us disappeared,

well it's place has been taken by his mother, who is either A, very fat, or B, very pregnant, at 06.00 every morning for the past month or so she has been patiently waiting for me at the kitchen door for any food the kittens did not eat over night,

 after breakfast we went to Beach Road to look at the Art festival,

 we walked from the Royal Garden, but failed to see it, but we did notice this mobile ice cream 3 wheeler,

 so we walked back to where we had parked the motorcycle,

 passing Le Kitchen on the way, a new restaurant we had not heard of, we rode to Central Road then down to Beach Road, the stalls were there but not open,

 we stopped for a few things on the way home, also this morning I have read that the Art fair is open in the evenings from 4.00 in the afternoon on wards, so we missed it,

 back home for our Sunday lunch, sitting beside the aquarium,

 we started with a prawn based lobster bisque soup,


 one of the rummy nose tetras, (Hemigrammus rhodostomus) looking on, 

 on to our main course,


  and mine with a sausage in a blanket,

 for dessert,

 a white chocolate magnum, which I am sure is a bit smaller than they were the last time we bought one,

after our meal whilst listening to music for the afternoon Diana asked me about the fossil fish hanging on the wall in the room where the computer is, 

 the first two are from the Green River shale deposits in America, if you are lucky enough to live in America you can go fossil hunting for a fee yourselves and keep any fossils you find

the third is from China, 

 so it was out with the books, The Rise of Fishes, by J. A. Long, is a good all round guide,

but for a more comprehensive guide Baensch Fossil Atlas Fishes is the go to book, if you are interested in either of these books have a good look on web sites as the price varies from reasonable, under £15 or so, up to £150+! I bought both many years ago when prices were in the £30 or so range, I did notice one site where you could download one of them, but I have not tried the download, we chatted the afternoon and evening away as we normally do on a Sunday at home, then for us we were off to bed.

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