Sunday, 26 February 2017

As It Was Saturday,

I was all set to change the refrigerator magnet,

then realised we did not have one from Singapore, so we printed a picture from our visit there to put on the door and here it is,

 Saturday is also maintenance day, so water out of the aquarium,

 and fresh water back in,

 meanwhile in the kittens room, 

Diana was cleaning their pool,

 watched by Mariana,

 and Hogue, 

 then Cable had a look,

 but it was all too much for him,

 then play began as the boys decided to deconstruct the plastic plant we had put in the pool, during the day Diana went to the Netflix web site and downloaded the starter package, so we now have hundreds of one and two star movies to look at, so far the only movies that have more than three stars that appeal to us are titles like Gone With The Wind or 2001 A Space Odyssey, in the kids section we expected to see titles like any of the Ice Age series, there were none, it all seems rather a dull selection of films, even the documentaries were old, most of which we have on BluRay in any event, but there was one good thing about it, the series we are watching now on BluRay and enjoying immensely is Black Sails, but on BluRay it does not have subtitles, but on Netflix it does, so I guess it is worth keeping if only for that,

 on to our evening bar-b-q, garlic bread to start,

 then garlic mussels,


 lite the barby, lots of smoke as usual, 

 then flames,

 and glowing charcoal,

 on with the chops,

 and the potatoes with bacon and onions, 

 now time to tuck in,

 we followed the meal with a Magnum, 

 and a liqueur, 

what a perfect way to round off the day, we listened to music until the midnight hour then we were off to bed.

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