Saturday, 4 February 2017

The Truck Was In A Terrible State,

it had not been cleaned or washed in most probably a year,

 the reason being that every-time I decided I would get it washed more building work started in the area and a new layer of cement dust appeared on it, but now enough, so off to the car wash I went,

 I sat inside,

 and had a coffee whilst waiting,

 after an hour or so it was almost finished, so 560 baht later and I was on my way, it seemed a bit expensive, but as the sign on the windscreen says it was getting the full engine and under-body treatment, 

 in the evening we went to the weekend night market in Thepprasit Road, as I parked the motorcycle I noticed these two slightly sinister looking outfits,

 looking towards Jomtien,

 cloudy skies, having cleaned the truck I was expecting rain at any time,

I made my way past one of the toy stalls, 

 looking inland lots of cloud,

 it was really crowded this evening, normally I only have to wait a few moments to get a clear picture of the stalls opposite the bar, but not tonight, there were always people, cars and motorcycles in front of me,

 no more roofing has been put in place since last week,

 I made my way past the fresh fruit and dried fruit stalls,

 and spotted these coconut giraffe lights,

 a few customers in the pet section,

 I made my way to the stall I normally use,

 the owner leaves a bowl out for two of the market cats,

 and this is the one I usually see, I guess with all of the cat and dog food left here overnight it makes sense to keep any rodents in the area under control,

this week a bulk purchase, we will run out of all of the kittens food in the next week, so time to stock up,

a few visits ago to the vets I mention hedgehogs, and here were a few for sale,

 continuing to the petting stall, 

 a couple of goats waiting to be feed,

 but not many customers today so far,

I called in at the last store in the row,

 we were running out of fish food as well,

 sunset over the market, looks like rain, I knew I should not have had the truck cleaned!

 I made my way uphill to the bar, 

 where Nan helped in making a purchase for us, at long last one the feather sellers had arrived, the kittens just love them,

 starting price 35 baht each, but with Nan's negotiating skills, 10 for 250 baht, the kittens will be so pleased,

 more clouds rolling in, we chatted to Brian and after saying our farewells made a move for home, for our evening meal chicken doner for Diana, salmon and mash for myself, we watched a couple of antique shows then to round off the evening,

the BBC's three part production of Rillington Place, based on the real life killer John Christie, the first episode was chilling, with that we went to bed.

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