Saturday, 18 February 2017

We Had A Few Tings To Do Today,

firstly some shopping,

 so off to Friendship, on the way in the new kitchen store now open and 100% stocked,

 building work continues on the other side of the car park,

 being Friday the motorcycle park was packed,

 I made my way to TukCom, going towards Sumkivitt Road the traffic was at a standstill,

 going towards Second Road no traffic at all, well just the occasional car or motorcycle, but the road was strangely deserted,

 I had left Diana in Friendship and made my way to TukCom,

 we meet up back in Friendship, then stopped at the rear of TukCom,

 to pick up a take away ice coffee and tea,

 arriving home we let the kittens out of their room, I bent down to make a fuss of Hogue then quick as a flash Mariana climbed up my shorts and onto my back,

 Diana thought it was hilarious, but for me every time I moved Mariana reminded me she was not going anywhere by digging her claws in harder,

 I think she thought I was prey of some kind and had to be brought down,

 you have no idea how much those cute little kitten claws can hurt!

 in the afternoon Mark called round for a tea and a chat, then we were out again and off to the weekend night market on Thepprasit Road, lots of food stalls as usual,

 no clouds looking towards Jomtien,

 a pigeon at the top of the building looking on,

 the stall holder here still had a shelf or two to stock up,

 one of the mobile food sellers doing the rounds,

 no clouds looking inland,

 a slightly different collection of T shirts,

 one of the mobile fruit sellers,

 and another, 

 bags and shorts opposite the bar this evening, 

 it did not appear that any further work had been done on the construction, 

 but underneath for the second week running, 

 more shrimps for sale,

 and the equipment to keep them,

 this stall had shrimp homes,

 the shrimps feel more secure if they have 'tunnels' that replicate the ones they would use in river banks to stay in,

 I nearly got run over my the ice cream man,

 I was taking a few pictures of these little fellows, 

 I always ask if it is permitted to take pictures, this seller was over the moon that I did take a few of him and his shrimps,

  like these at 800 baht (at today's rate £18.42 or $22.86) each, 

 you might think for that price you would be buying a big shrimp, but I placed my finger on the top of the container to give you some idea of the size of these chaps, 

 also on sale a system with a number of interlinked individual shrimp homes,

 I made my way along to the pet section, I would pass by the other side of the shrimp stalls on the way back,

 on the dried fruit stall new for this week, 


 not many customers in the pet section,

 then I bumped into Jim,

 we would meet up later at the bar, I passed our usual shop for kittens supplies, today we had enough of everything,

 at the petting stall some goats were getting some special attention, 

 and the piglets,

 the aquatic store at the end of the row had a multi-tank set up,

 with this neat add on, a small sectioned box to keep a shrimp in each compartment, the problem being many of the shrimps in the long term can be quarrelsome fellows, so it is best for their long time well being to keep them away from each other, 

 the kittens pool seemed a bit bare, for some time I kept meaning to buy a plastic plant for it, so I did and I guess the kittens will enjoy dragging it out and playing with it,

 sunset over the market, 

 I made my way uphill towards the bar,

 then I made my way along this aisle, 

 towards the shrimp stalls I had not looked at yet,

 each one with different strains of shrimps, 

 plus the food to keep them,

 at the bar Nan and Jim,

 I settled in and took a few pictures, 

 of some of the food sellers,

 that came past, 

 it was starting to get dark,

 by then Cher and Brian had arrived, we chatted away and after saying our farewells, 

 we made a move for our meal, on the way out we noticed the Punch and Judy did not have a live band playing, 

 so we called in for our evening meal, lasagna for Diana,

 I went with the Friday special, fish and chips,

'Cheers!', the pub/restaurant is located between Pattaya 3rd Road and Thepprasit Road in Soi 8, almost opposite the Eden Hotel,

arriving home it was quite late so we watched just one film, Rio Bravo, and at the end of that we were off to bed.

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