Monday, 6 February 2017

Last Year,

when we were in the UK,

 we took a walk to Greenwich, passing this cross section of a ship,

I thought it was just put there as a reminder of some of the many ships that did use the River Thames, but I have just found out that it is a piece of art, from artist Richard Wilson, the piece is called A Slice Of Reality and was placed there in 2000, and was when in use a sand dredger, 

 this is another of his works, but this one is moving, titled Turning The Place Over,

and is in Liverpool, placed there in 2008, a 10 meter piece of the building rotates on rollers, which creates an acute sense of disorientation and even danger for the viewer as the architecture physically encroaches on them, so now we know it was a piece of art, not just a sliced ship.

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