Sunday, 5 February 2017

No Prizes For Guessing,

what they make here,

and the building also has a world record, it is the largest Chocolate Bar Billboard in the world, the Meiji Seika Kaisha Ltd. building in Takatsuki, Osaka Prefecture, sets world record with its sign coming in at 166 meters in width and 28 meters in height, and of course they make chocolate

 and if a building is shaped like a dog?

well they sell dog food of course, the building is DoggyMan’s Kansai Logistics Center, which is located in Osaka’s Izumisano City, and it is big, with roughly 8,195 square meters (88,210 square feet) of floor space and is 5 stories high,

 but this one is a little different, this building is the Bank of Japan, from street level it does not look like money at all, but look with Google Earth from above,

I have added the Japanese formal kanji sign for Yen, , in yellow over the building, the BOJ building was designed in 1896 in a neo-baroque style by Tatsuno Kingo, it’s actually unclear whether or not the yen design was intentional, and there’s some confusion over whether the kanji for yen was even used back then, it is true that the formal kanji for yen was and it wasn’t simplified to until 1946, but look at this page the Meiji government that emerged from the collapse of the Edo Bakufu established a formal currency in 1871, 25 years before Kingo designed the BOJ, and at the time they also designated as the kanji, coincidence or design, you decide!

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