Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Keeping To A School Theme,

there is still hope for me,

if Luciano Baietti, a retired school headmaster from the town of Velletri, in Italy, is any one to go by, he has 15 bachelors or masters degrees from various universities across Italy, and is getting ready to get his 16th and he is 70 years old! every morning, at 3 a.m he wakes and studies for 3 hours, “Thanks to books, I feel free, dammit,” Baietti recently said. “After all, the words share the same root,” he says, referring to the Italian words libro (book) and libero (free).” He claims to have been inspired 19th century French essayist Louis-Francois Bertin, whose portrait is also on display in his study, alongside his many framed university degrees, and whom he describes as “a man of culture and knowledge.” 

after getting degrees in physical education, sociology, literature, law, political science, philosophy and motor skills, he spent the next 15 years adding seven more bachelors and masters degree to his collection. Most of them are from the famous La Sapienza University, in Rome, one of the oldest in the world, but he’s also graduated from a distance-learning university in Turin, and an online university in Naples. Luciano now holds degrees in criminology and military strategies, as well, at 70-years-old, he thinks he has enough energy for at least one more degree, this time in food science, so there is hope for me yet, all I have to is wake up at 03.00, that's 3 hours earlier than I normally do!

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