Wednesday, 8 February 2017

I Always Hear Motorists Saying,

there is one law for them,

 and another law for policemen, 

 I really do not see why motorists say this,

I am 100% sure,

 that all of these police drivers,

 would have been given a parking ticket for parking in a disabled bay,

especially these two in a pair of disabled driver parking bays outside Alnwick Police Station, of all places in Northumberland, 

of course it is different if it is a real emergency, like this one, the vehicle was pictured parked outside the Heybarnes Retail Park, Coventry Road, Small Heath, the driver inside buying a KFC chicken,

responding to the pictures, Chief Insp Phil Radbourne, of Birmingham East Police, confirmed the officer had been spoken to about her actions, He said: 'West Midlands Police demands the highest standards of professionalism and integrity from all its staff’, 

 but if you want to see how to be really inconsiderate to disabled drivers,

 this really take first prize!

and why are there blue lines beside disabled parking bays? to stop this happening, out with the parking ticket books!

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