Sunday, 5 February 2017


has come around again,

so it is time to change the refrigerator magnet, this week our thoughts will be at the Horniman Museum, as an aside the museum mascot, a huge walrus in the main hall, depicted on the magnet went for a holiday to Margate some time ago, 

 Diana started to clean the kittens pool,

 Marian watching me taking pictures, 

Hogue who normally takes no interest in pool cleaning today was in the thick of it,

 meanwhile I half emptied the aquarium,

 cleaned the jets from the filter return and the inside of the front glass, 

 then refilled it, 

 in the afternoon we had a quick stop at the market for some potatoes,

 then on to our evening bar-b-q, garlic bread to start,

 then a real treat, Diana had bought some prawns and reduced the heads to add to the soup, with the prawns themselves in the bottom of the dish, the lobster bisque tasted superb,

light the fire,

 and on with the chops,

 with a baked potato,

 Diana had added some bar-b-q sauce to hers,

 then a bit of drama, an electrical service vehicle arrived outside, 

 and with a long pole proceeded to see if any of the connections were loose on the transformer in the street, I am guessing there must have been a power-cut somewhere,

 it did not put us off of our ice cream covered brownies,

 a nice way to round off our meal, 

  we listened to music for most of the evening, I took a quick picture of the moon as there was no cloud, this one straight out of the camera,

 and this one I cropped,

we went indoors a little earlier than usual, and settled down to watch the second episode of Rillington Place, and with the end of that we were off to bed.

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