Monday, 13 February 2017

Mr. Tony Made A Great Find,

but first we noticed a new cable being installed,

 adding to the ones that already run across the driveway, there were no markings on the truck,

 to see if it was a telephone or Internet line, 

 it appears all went well, I just hope none of the other cabled were disturbed in fitting the new one,

 Slim Jim called by and we were all picked up by Mr. Tony, and this is what he found, the Aroi Pub and Resto

 as you walk into the restaurant you are facing the bar, with seating to the left and right of it,

as it was Sunday there was a buffet, but there is also a full menu to chose from, there was a salad starter on offer, with a selection of prepared dishes,

 and a choice of lamb, chicken, spare ribs and pork knuckles, 

 plus hot vegetables to chose from,

 we made our way to the right of the bar,

 and sat at the tables at the end of it,

 having settled we then made a move on the starters,

in the dishes were a selection of tuna, chicken and crab, all with a small salad underneath,

we were spoilt for choice, as well as Thai and Belgium mussels in pots there was home made pate to compliment the home made bread, and also the choice of Belgium mussel soup, which both of us chatted about as we were in Bruges, Belgium last year, eating mussels in the town square, I mentioned to Mr. Tony and Slim Jim that one of the block ships that was deliberately scuttled in the raid at its port, Zeebrugge in the Second World War, was a ship that my Grandfather served on in the First World War, H. M. S. Ipigenia, when in service in Northern Russia,

 on to our main courses, delicious ribs, 

 for Diana,

 slices of pork knuckle for Mr. Tony, 

Slim Jim and myself went for the lamb, all of which was excellent,

 on to desserts, ice cream included in the Sunday buffet,

 but this was highly recommended by Mr. Tony, it was extra, but worth every baht,

a rhubarb pie with ice cream,

 I went with the ice cream, but I did have a taste of Diana's rhubarb pie, 

 it was so nice, when we return I will have one to round off the meal if I am not too full!

 and on to the coffees,

 which all enjoyed,

 Peter the owner called over during and after the meal to make sure all was well with the meal, and it was, the food could not be faulted and at 350 baht each was more than reasonable, what a great find, the restaurant is in Sumkivitt Soi 89, which is almost opposite Ocean World next to Makro, go over the Railway crossing, and the restaurant is about 700m along the soi on the right hand side.

standing opposite the restaurant looking away from Sumkivitt,

and towards it, 

and the map, there is parking available opposite the restaurant, as some one once said, 'we will be back!' Mr. Tony dropped Slim Jim off at his home, then joined us to watch The Grand Tour, which it has to be said had a great opening episode, but by this one, episode 6 or 7 I think it was, it had disintegrated into self serving dribble, I pity anyone that had paid their hard earned cash for it expecting to see cars featured in it, the only slight nod in the car direction was when an extremely bitter guy drove round a track and gave a narrative which for some strange reason he thought was interesting, but was quite frankly as dull as dishwater, but there it is, not one to watch again, still the three boys did rather well out of it, with that we said our thanks and bade Mr. Tony farewell, for us a nightcap and as the midnight hour approached we were off to bed.

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