Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Valentines Day Started,

with a delivery for Diana,

 a couple of weeks ago, 

 I popped out to the local flower shop,

 and ordered a bunch of flowers for Diana, and here they are,

Mariana who is a finicky eater at the best of times has now decided all she will eat is the wet food, so naturally we were running out of it, so off to the pet store, but first we called into the Vintage Shop that specialises in French antiques and second hand French furniture, it is located on the Sumkivitt Road with the Junction of Thepprasit Road opposite Tesco Lotus,

 outside we were greeted by a dinosaur,

 and ferocious he looked too,

from both sides,

he also had a few friends on display,

 we did not take any pictures inside but these items will give you an idea of what is inside, a huge collection of wardrobes, tables and cupboards along with crockery and other bric-à-brac, we did not buy anything, but a fascinating place to look around especially if you are a Francophile,

 next stop the pet shop, it is the one we normally use in the weekend night market on Thepprasit Road, but as well as being open at the weekends in the evening every day except Wednesdays it is open at 3.00 in the afternoon,

 one of the market cats said hello,

 next stop the 7-11,

 which is getting in on the Valentine act, we had a water bill to pay, 

 home and glad rags on,

we were off to Central Festival,

 for our evening meal,

 outside of the Second Road entrance, 

 it was packed with stalls and mobile bars taking over the pavements,

 but we were soon inside,

 and upstairs, 

 at the entrance on the sixth floor,


 we had to have a few poses,

 and just as we were going inside we meet up with Jim and Cher who's idea it was to eat here,

 before we settled down,

 I wandered around,

 taking a few pictures,

 of the food that was on offer,

 and the free flow wine station,

 the choice was almost endless,

 with a huge selection of cheese which many restaurants skimp on,

 there were lots of Thai dishes as well,

 it truly was International,

 also items you chose could be cooked for you,

 even more to chose from in covered pots,

 seafood waiting to be cooked,

 the joints today in the carvery were beef and Virginia ham,

 on to Diana's favourite section,

 the pizza station,

 the chefs busy at work,

 this one making desserts especially for you,

 and here are some he made earlier,

 lots of them,

 as well as fresh fruit,

 no deserts station would be complete, 

 with out a chocolate fountain or two,

 we had booked a table by the window,

 and started with some bubbly for  Cher,

 and myself, Diana decided on a mango shake and a beer for Jim,

 we then made a move for our first courses, Diana had the camera and took a few more pictures,

 of desserts,

 no prizes for guessing which ones she will be having later, 

 Diana caught up with Jim and myself,

at the cold meats and cheese station, where we chose our starters,


 we were off again,

  for our second starters,

to give you an idea this was mine, mussels, rock lobster, prawns, a scallop and two crab and shrimp cocktails in glasses, 

the decor was nice, the service excellent, we had arrived at 6.30 and had the place to ourselves, even at the end of the evening there seemed that less than 50% of the tables were taken,

 but never mind, more room for us,

 I decided on sushi for my third starter,

 Diana, Jim and Cher were on their main courses,

 for Diana a second trip to the carvery,

 and some desserts to go with it,

 my main and final course, Virginia ham and cold meats, everyone else had desserts, but this was my choice, having said my final course the ham was so nice I went for another couple of slices, we took a long time over our meal, the time just flashed by, so it was a surprise when we were told the restaurant was closing in 10 minutes, which gave us enough time for one more farewell glass of bubbly,

 we made our way downstairs,

 and said our farewells to Jim and Cher,

  then for us a blue and yellow taxi for the drive home, what an excellent meal, we all enjoyed the food immensely, and quite frankly the selection of foods on offer could not have been better, so for a special occasion for us the Edge at the Hilton is hard to beat,

 arriving home we found this flyer that Peter from Aroi had given us,

 there are daily specials as well as a full menu, but remember he is closed on Mondays and with that we were off to bed.

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