Friday, 3 February 2017

Leaving Aside Who You As An American Voted For,

the repercussions are being felt,

everywhere, even in this small cafe in Antwerp, Belgium, the popular Zeezicht Cafe, has recently stopped serving Coca Cola, Heinz Ketchup, Lay’s potato chips and every other American brand previously on its menu, in protest of President Donald Trump and and his controversial executive orders, “No, it’s not a joke, all American drinks will disappear from the menu as long as Donald Trump’s policy does not change,” one of the owners of Zeezicht told Belgian reporters. “A few days ago, we gathered all the staff and found that something had to be done against the policy of Donald Trump, so someone launched the idea of ​​no longer selling American beverages or food. An economic boycott is probably the only measure Trump can understand.” Belgian newspaper Der Standard asked the owners if they realised that their boycott sounds just as protectionist as Trump’s views, to which they replied “That’s debatable. We only feel that this is the thing that we can do to show that we do not agree with the direction taken by the policy. It’s a small thing, but it’s something.”

well it is something, but perhaps the owners should consider this, some of these companies actually disapprove of Trump’s actions too, but they can’t do very much about it, not to mention that most if not all of the products, though American in brand, are actually sourced in Belgium, using raw materials grown and made in Belgium by Belgium workers.

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