Friday, 10 February 2017

Another Quiet Day,

we stopped off for some shopping,

 at Friendship,

 next door building work continued, I was looking at the guy on the arm of the crane,

 no worries for him, but I would have been terrified,

I popped into TukCom for a look around whilst Diana was shopping, then home and feet up,

after our evening meal we watched The Chase and a few from Judge Judy, then our film for the evening Stardusta fantasy themed film, we had watched it before and this is what I wrote then, 'it was brilliant! none stop special effects, a great story, cast, script, you name it, the pirates were beyond excellent, especially when Captain Shakespeare's secret was out, so many laugh out loud lines for both of us, not of course to every ones taste, but for us priceless!', and with such a neat ending, and with the end of the film we were off to bed.

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