Friday, 24 February 2017

We Are Only Making One Post Today,

as there are lots of pictures,

as arranged the bugmen called, what a really reliable company this is, always calling the day before to make an appointment and just as importantly keeps it!

 as Diana prepared breakfast I took a couple of pictures of the mushrooms,

I recon by Saturday morning the first crop will be ready for eating,

 moving outside, 

 the stinky cactus,  

were putting on a good show,

 it is just a pity the flowers last for such a short time,

then on to the motorcycle and we were out to Naklua, 

we stopped just opposite the post office,

at the New York furniture store, we wanted to but a new bookshelf to put our ever growing collection of discs on, but alas none that matched ours in stock and worse still they had been discontinued, oh well back to the drawing board!

onward to our next port of call, 

the Monsters World & Aquarium, it is located on the road that runs parallel to the railway line, 

we entered the main hall, going to the right the entrance,

and to the left the exit to the facility and eating area,

in the main hall,

there were a number of exhibits, 

and plenty of places to have your picture taken,

with some of the exhibits,

 you could also feed the fish,

for each ticket you buy you receive one helping of food, for mine Diana chose to feed the fish,

we then passed the bird section,

with sleeping,

 and wide awake owls,

as well as fish eagles,

for her free food Diana chose to feed the piglets,

next a Fennec fox or fennec (Vulpes zerda), doing what it does best in the day time, sleeping,

a scary cat as far as Diana is concerned, a Sphynx cat,

moving outside,

there were some miniature horses,

and an aviary that you could through double doors go inside,

with rabbits, (this one had been in a bit of a scrap),

and quail amongst others roaming on the ground,

 in one sectioned off area guinea pigs,

 and a few parrot like birds flying around,

outside a monster tortoise,

 and monitor lizard,

nearby some sheep,

 and an enclosure with squirrels inside,

 we then entered the vivarium,

with pythons,

and anacondas on display,

a iguana takes the pose,

   then comes over to say Hi to Diana,

 whose a pretty boy then?

normal and albino frogs, 

and an army of frogs, of course if they were toads it wold be a knot of toads, 

an albino python,

taking a nap,

 I am guessing this is a male,

as in the same display there is this one which I am guessing is his mate,

another iguana strikes the pose,

we then moved into the aquarium,

 which was impressive,

 to say the least,

 so many displays,

with fish from all regions,

although native ones outnumber the imported ones,

we then arrived in the turtle section,

 which was great fun,

Diana takes a selfie,

then more fish,

 do not mention chips!

 we were both totally amazed at how many exhibits there were,

 each time we turned a corner,

another row of aquariums was on view,

 also they were open topped, so by leaning over you could get a nice view of the fish like this stingray,

 and then photograph it through the glass,

next there were more turtles,

 like this alligator snapping turtle, (Macrochelys temminckii),

which was huge,

a bite from this fellow does not bear thinking about,   

there was one marine aquarium here,

 rounding another corner,

what we saw next was so neat,

 a huge continuous aquarium that went along both sides of the aisle,

but what was so amazing was that both sides were linked, by an overhead overpass,

so the fish could swim along both aisles,

what is it they say?

never smile at a crocodile, even an albino one,

the last display, a mixture of tropical fish from all over the world that you would see offered for sale as pets in most aquatic stores,

what a fabulous place,

we were only surprised not more people were here, we were the only customers for about the 2 hours we spent here, admission is 100 baht for Thai people and holders of Thai driving licenses, for tourists and all others the admission is 350 baht each, each ticket gives you one 'free' feeding then further plates of food are 20 baht each,

we put together this video of our visit, if you have the time it is well worth a trip and it is not too far,

as you can see the facility is inland from the Bang Lamung Police Station, as a further help if you know it the Provincial Waterworks Authority Pattaya is on the 3240 road that is at the bottom left of the map, so just go up that road turn left at the railway line, go past the Monster Aquarium on the other side of the railway line make a 'U' turn and it will be on your left, well that is what we did anyhow, a really great place to visit we both cannot understand why it is apparently not more popular,

we followed that tracks back to Soi Khao Talo, where as the last time I was here a train had stopped directly over the level crossing,

but it was soon on its way,

the reason we wanted to go this route was to call into The Sweeteners,

it is a desserts and sweet cafe,

and nice it is too, an ice tea for Diana,

banana and strawberry milkshake for myself,

Diana chose what can best be described as a chocolate mountain,

I settled for a strawberry souffle with ice cream,

which looked and like Diana's was delicious,

we had a great day, 

 not so the camera, 

  as we started the day we both noticed three or four lines on the left of the screen, as the day progressed the lines began a relentless march across the screen,

the lines on the left becoming closer together, so I fear it is only a matter of time before the screen becomes unusable, so off to NumChai tomorrow to put it in for repair, then to make my day complete, for no reason at all one of my teeth fell out, so off to the dentist as well!

after our evening meal we watched a couple from Judge Judy, then two more from Black Sails, which is getting better and better, starting on the second disc of series one, as the midnight hour approached we were then off to bed.

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