Saturday, 11 February 2017

We Had A Quiet Day,

having said that I had taken the kittens to the surgery,

first thing in the morning, on our last visit we were told they needed more injections, but this time we were told they did not, but a small lump had started to appear on Mariana's side, she had a swollen lymph gland, so we were given some antibiotic tablets to give to her over the next few days, in the afternoon Mark called by as he had popped over from Cambodia for a short stay in Thailand, we were then off in the evening to the Thepprasit Road weekend night market, I parked the motorcycle, I had already dropped Diana off at Tesco Lotus, and made my way past the shrine near the motorcycle park,

 as usual there were lots of mobile food sellers in attendance,

 looking towards Jomtien a nice looking sky,

 but zooming in it looked slightly yellow,

 one of the ice cream vendors,

 clear skies looking inland,

 I made my way past the stalls,

 and another mobile food seller, 

 opposite the bar this evening, handbags and shoes for sale, 

 some work on the roof of the steelworks,

 I did not remember seeing these reinforced concrete slabs last week,

 looking through the uprights I noticed something,

 a stall selling crayfish,

 and accessorises for them,

 but there was not just one stall.

 there were lots of them, I looked along one side and decided to look along the other side on my way back, 

 when I bumped into Bill, we had already meet as I passed the bar, we had a chat about fish and he mentioned he was going to put in a new aquarium at home,

 after saying goodbye I continued,

 to the pet section,

 a new shipment of pet beds was being unpacked as I arrived at the store we normally use, although I had bought some last week I could see we would not have enough wet food to last until next Friday,

after buying a box one of the markets cats said hello,

 walking past the petting shop,

 just one goat outside this week,

 I noticed that the aquatic store at the end of the row also had some fancy crayfish in stock,

 and nice some of them looked too,

 sunset over the market,

 I made my way along the crayfish or shrimp stalls,

 I think these were for eating, that is you buy these adults and breed them,  

the reason I say this is that a friend of ours is doing exactly that,

 but back to the decorative shrimps and crayfish,

 the prices some of them command shows how highly sort after they are, 

 for instance this one here,

 is 1,000 baht,

there was no price on this colourful chap,

 more hardware,

 with lots of high tech equipment,

 some aquariums with their own lighting and filters, 

 no prices on these,

but these two,

 can be yours for just 2,500 baht, at (today's rate £57.00 or $71.28), 

 I made my way back to the bar to say hello to Nan and Brian,

 we were then joined by Jim,

 and Brian's son Nikki,

 along with his wife Sa and niece,

 Sa and Nikki,

 and a surprise from Mark, he had called round earlier in the day but surprised Brian by showing up at the bar,

 group picture!

 after saying our farewells we arrived home, I took a picture of the moon as early tomorrow there will be a penumbral eclipse, lasting about 4 hours, 

then inside fun for the kittens, 

 a new toy had been delivered by Lazada

 a small battery operated motor spins an arm around under a cover,

 it randomly goes in either direction, and reacts when the kittens stop it by reversing the direction of travel,

the kittens just could not stop playing with it, so I made a video of them,

 normally Cable gets out of breath when he is playing hard, whilst Hogue and Mariana take it all in their stride,

 but not with this toy, Hogue was panting away for all he was worth, 

 but every few minutes after a rest all three of them attacked the spinning toy again,

 it was so funny to watch as they tried to catch the plastic wire hidden under the cover,  

 in the end we took it away from them to let them all recover, but no doubt about it they all loved the Cats Meow motorised wand, great fun! and no I am not on commission,

after a delicious beef stew we rounded off the evening with Pale Rider, one of the Clint Eastwood collection, there is only this one post today as we are out early in the morning, and with that we were off to bed.

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