Friday, 17 February 2017

I Mentioned Yesterday,

that I had been playing with photograph editing software,

 well as it happens I have for the past few weeks, but leaving aside still photography I came across the work of Swedish motion designer Anton Woll Söder, who in collaboration with CypherAudio,

 produced a stunning video of fantastical shapes,

changing and growing before your very eyes, the animation began as an exercise to learn more about VFX software Houdini and slowly evolved into the clip you see here below, in recent years, the rapid evolution of PCs and the development of software like Houdini and Cinema 4D has created new possibilities for intricate particle-based animation,

the video is memorising, You can see more of Söder’s visual effects work on Behance, amazing, I still can not get my head around still picture post production, never mind moving images!

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