Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Back In My Youth,

reel to reel tape players were all the rage,

and they appear to be making a come back, after a four years of R & D, Ballfinger is introducing the real 21st century analogue reel to reel tape recorder/player, Ballfinger M 063 uses two winding motors, (2 brushless DC rotor motors) electric brakes controlled by tape tension sensors and three stepping motors for mechanical brake/head block, in addition to the clear appearance and the sophisticated ergonomics, this tape machined comes with all necessary features for professional use, the processor-controlled drive is directly driven by specially developed, brushless DC disk motors, silent servo drives to the brake and ultralinear, low-noise audio electronics, 

the M063 is modular design that allows future expansions and easy service if needed, this particular model will play up to 15” tapes and has a high-resolution, digital counter with all the associated functions. M063 feature balanced and unbalanced inputs and outputs, it is strange how audio items from the past are reemerging, like vinyl records and players so it will be interesting to see if reel to reel takes off, at hopefully less than the $29,000 that this machine is reported to be.

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