Monday, 20 February 2017


today we found out that Cable had copied Marina's leap,

  to the top of the aquarium,

 I think he knows he should not be there,

and Mariana has just leaped to the top of the sideboard so she will join him soon,

eyes down look in!

 the fish were pretty unfazed by it all,

 we noticed only one angelfish (Pterophyllum scalare) at one end of the aquarium, normally the three of them hang together as a group,

 then our Sunday lunch appeared, roast pork with all of the little extras that makes Sunday lunch so nice,

 and this was an extremely pleasant extra, a fine bottle of red wine to accompany the meal, 

 'Cheers!', Mr. Tony,

 during the break before dessert we found out why the angelfish were not together, two of them had decided to lay eggs on the side of the now unused filter box, as it is their first attempt I doubt if any fry will hatch, also it is not uncommon for two females to go through the spawning process with obviously no issue,

 then dessert,

 with fresh strawberries, followed by a real treat for us, a glass of Chairmans Royal Cream liqueur, what a perfect way to round off a meal, Cheers! Cher and Jim, 

 at the end of the aquarium where we normally sit, it was alive with most of the aquariums inhabitants, all looking for a meal of angelfish eggs, the parents normally guard the eggs and indeed the fry for a number of days after hatching, so in the next few days may or may not be interesting, after our meal it was feet up and we watched a couple of shows featuring antiques, 

in the evening after a small snack we watched Alice Through the Looking Glass that Mark has given us, this one continues from Alice in Wonderland made in 2010, and with that we were off to bed.

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