Wednesday, 22 February 2017

In The Past,

we have often seen jellyfish aquariums,

 apart from the displays in large public aquariums I have always wondered how the water is circulated with out trapping the jellyfish, 

 it appears the creators of the Jelltank did indeed have that problem after purchasing a $400 jellyfish tank for their office, and finding that the grates kept sucking up the jellyfish and killing them, so they have decided with the aid of Kickstarter campaign to design a jellyfish aquarium that did not kill the inhabitants, 

the JellyTank is a compact 5-gallon aquarium with a modern design and color-changing, remote-controlled LED lights, this ‘flow bar design’ with laminar pump-driven water creates an environment similar to what jellyfish would experience in the wild, and there’s a built-in mechanical and biological filtration system, the tank is made of high-grade aquarium acrylic, and its housing is available in black or white, the company is not allowed to include live jellyfish with their rewards, and hopefully sales, so they have to be claimed separately when the kits are ready to ship, and no I am not on commission, I just thought it was nice to see that a system will soon be available that will ensure the health and wellbeing of the jellyfish.

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