Thursday, 23 February 2017

The Mushrooms,

seem to be coming on fine,

 another couple of days,

 and it will be mushrooms on toast for breakfast,

 outside all of the buds on the first stinky cactus have still not fully opened,

 another day or so should see all of the buds open,

 but the second one, 

 has put on a great show,

 in the evening rather than going out,

 we decided on an Indian meal, starting with onion bhajis and lamb shish kebabs,

 and for our main course,

 chicken tikka masala, chicken do pyaza, chicken madras and peas pulao rice,

 followed by a rather nice liquor with frappe ice,  

 after a long break some Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte, literally "Black Forest cherry-torte", or as we know it Black Forest gâteau, with strawberries,

and naturally a glass of wine, we listened to music for the rest of the evening and as the midnight hour approached we were off to bed.

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