Wednesday, 22 February 2017

A Few Weeks Ago,

whilst at the annual plant and flower show,

 we bought some mushroom kits, I thought we had bought 6 but in fact bought 5, well one of them has really started to sprout,

 and here they are,

 and it looks like this one is starting to grow,

 anyway in a few days time Diana will fry them in garlic butter to be served on strips of dry brown bread toast for breakfast, delicious! 

 in the garden Diana's stinky cactus have started to flower, apart from looking unusual,

 some of the flowers give of rather nasty smell, to attract insects, not to eat, but to fertilise the flowers,

 the first of the 13 or so buds on this one are now starting to open,

each one about 3 across, all of these are from a group called Stapelia, and are easy to grow, we bought these and some seeds on one of our visits  to the Chatuchak flower market,

 Mark called round in the afternoon for a tea and a chat, then after he left and our evening meal we watched cable television for most of the evening, then a treat we watched a blue-ray titled The Amazon River of the Sun, what stunning photography and it spent most of it time underwater in the flooded rain forest, so many fish to see some of which we actually have in our aquarium,

by now it was getting late but we thought we would have a quick look at Black Sails, we had never really heard of it before and just bought it on a whim, it was so good we watched two episodes back to back, great story line, sets and action, with a good understanding of pirate law and how pirate captains are chosen, in case you do not know surprisingly enough by a democratic vote!

the opening sequence of the titles had some of the most beautiful craved images we had ever seen, stunningly good, I am just amazed we had not heard of it before, and with the end of the second episode in the early hours we were off to bed.

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