Sunday, 9 October 2016

As It Was Saturday,

I decided to give the aquarium another water change,

 so roughly one third out,

 and one third back again,

 then time to drain the kittens pool,

 Mariana and Cable,

 wondering where the water had gone,

 Mariana was distracted by something outside, 

 whilst Cable played with the shower-head,

 the water was getting quite low now,

 then the first tentative step,

  it was time to inspect the pump, 

 and have a look around,

 pool cleaned, Marina enjoys playing with the water as it fills the pool, 

 Cable seems to like the fountain,

 through all of this Hogue did not take the slightest interest, 

 during the rest of the afternoon we watched a few game shows, until the evening when we were outside for our Saturday bar-b-q,

 we had a garlic bread starter,

 followed by large prawns in an avocado and home made sauce, 

 'Cheers!', Diana had bought the flowers yesterday at Tesco Lotus and nice they looked too,

 time to get smoked, 

 and lite the barby,

 which soon took and we were in business,

 for our main course chicken satay,

 with peanut sauce and a pepper, onion and cucumber dip, 

later in the evening Barry called by for a glass of wine and a chat, after saying our goodbyes we listen to music until late, then for us we were off to bed.

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