Saturday, 8 October 2016

It Does Not Seem Like I Was Here 4 Weeks Ago,

but I was,

 paying our 3BB Internet bill like this customer just leaving the office on Thepprasit Road,

 this is the site of the weekend night market we will be going to later, the 3BB office on the right,

 some of the food stalls are here everyday for local customers,

 in the afternoon Arry called round and worked his magic on the sticking glass door at the front of the kittens room, all is well now,

 after he left we made a move for the weekend night market in Thepprasit Road, after parking the motorbike I noticed this Stallions, this one the 150cc Cafe, I seen a lot of these around town and they seem to be getting popular,

 looking towards Jomtien,

 slight cloud,

 I ordered three pairs of slip on shoes that I normally wear last week from this stall, and sure enough this week they were here,

 clear skies as I look inland,

 and pass one of the mobile fruit stalls,

 opposite the bar this evening a bag and clothes stalls,

 the iron works seems to have been completed, 

 at both ends,

 this particular section is in the middle of the market, looking towards Thepprasit Road, where the original structure was before it was removed,

 and then looking towards the pet section at the bottom of the market as it slopes downhill, this section is in the middle,

 walking past the food aisles they looked busy,

 just a few people in the pet section,

 the large,

 and smaller shrine at the far corner of the market,

 sunset over the market,

 I made my way past the now finished far end of the steelworks,

 the sun sinking in the distance,

 these are all that is left from the top section of steelworks, the structure was complete as the middle one now is, then in a week the whole lot was cut down and taken away, I wonder what the fate of the newly completed mid section will be?

it was Brian's last night as tomorrow he will be leaving for the USA, coming back in a couple of months,

 and calling in to say Hi his wife Sa and little boy Nikki, we said our farewells and wished him bon voyage, 

arriving home we were meet with a delicious aroma, beef stew and dumplings, 

after our meal we settled down to watch another couple of episodes from The Rivals of Sherlock Holmes,

two more from 3rd Rock From The Sun and we were then off to bed.

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