Sunday, 30 October 2016

Saturday Has Sailed Round So Fast,

and it is time for a bit of maintenance,

 so some water out of the aquarium, 

 and then refill,

whilst that is going on, into the kitchen and pick the fridge magnet for the week, and this week we will be thinking about our last trip to Harrods for an ice cream and some shopping,

 all of this time Diana was cleaning the kittens pool,

 with Mariana looking on, 

 Cable wanted a closer look at the fountain,

 the kittens are so inquisitive, 

 Cable is wondering where all of the water has gone,

 meanwhile Mariana has seen a bird outside, 

 then back to see what is happening inside,

 time to fill the pool,

 both Cable and Mariana are fascinated by water and often take a dip, if the trail of wet footprints into the living room is anything to go by, but Hogue totally ignores the pool except as they all do to drink from,

 then time for our usual Saturday evening bar-b-q, except it was raining, it had been on and off all day,

 for a starter some garlic bread,

 followed by lobster bisque soup,


 we always take a long break between courses, 

 so I took the opportunity to feed the fish some frozen blood-worms,

 which they love,

 and is fun for me,

 then our main course, we were going to barby a couple of pieces of salmon,

 but Diana baked them instead,

 we also had bought a sabai, as it is locally known, a mackerel to the rest of us, 

 Diana then played with the kittens using a couple of feathers we had bought at the market, at the end of playtime there was not much left of them,

 we had forgotten an avocado so we had it for a late night snack,

we listened to music till about 11.00, then a couple from 3rd Rock From The Sun and with that we were of to bed.

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