Saturday, 15 October 2016

I Had No Idea What These Were For,

but now I do, 

they are tussie mussie's, holders for small flower arrangement of fragrant herbs and blooms, originally meant to protect the wearer from noxious odours produced by the poor bathing and sanitary conditions of former times, it remained popular for its charm, the allure of an aromatic nosegay became linked with the language of flowers, which became all the rage in Victorian times, but it is not a question of throwing a few flowers together, each flower or herb has a separate meaning, to give a few examples one of which we are all familiar with the rose,

ranunculus would indicate radiance
rhododendron indicates beware
rose indicates love; success; beauty
a rose, full-blown and placed over two buds is used to represent secrecy
rosebud represents pure and lovely
rosemary symbolises remembrance

rue embodies grief

and these are just for the letter R, for a detailed look into the language of flowers have a look here, after all you do not want to send your loved one a cypress in the tussie-mussie you send to your sweetheart, it represents despair, or maybe you are desperate and do want to send it?

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