Friday, 21 October 2016

We Have All Seen Planes,

landing and taking off,

 even taken a few pictures, but I guess not as many as as photographer Mike Kelley

 he almost literally camps outside of airports worldwide taking pictures of each aircraft as it lands or takes off,

 to complete his project titled Airportraits

 two years ago the shooting started, Kelley’s plan was easy, a couple of days at each of 10 or so airports and the project was in the bag, spend a day or two at each airport scouting the location, taking photos, and then off to the next destination, this shoot went well in Europe where the weather was consistent, but in Asia things were different, take the shoot in Japan, in Tokyo he left without a single usable photo after days of trying, he had not factored in the weather, in some cities he had to return to 2-3 times in hopes the weather would improve, and in other places it would take nearly a week to photograph enough planes to make an image,

during editing, most planes are left 'as is' in the location they appeared in the sky while taking off, planes in the processes of landing proved to be more difficult, “For the landing images, I did take slight artistic liberty with the position of the aircraft, because in real life the planes follow a very specific glidepath to the touchdown point, if I hadn’t moved them, all the planes would be directly on top of one another and there’d be no real dynamics or movement in the image.” in all, Kelley created 19 composite images you can explore on his website, all of which are available as limited edition fine art prints, you can see more of his photography on Instagram, and no I am not on commission, I just thought his pictures are stunning and the amount of work that went into them colossal.

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