Tuesday, 25 October 2016

As Regular As Clockwork,

the bugmen arrived, 

 so they have to start the small pump on the back of the pickup to spray the outside walls and building, and pump up the hand held sprayer for the inside,

 but this is one bug that grows between visits,

 the pull cord on the pump is pulled,

 and it is time to spray,

 watched with great interest by the kittens, 

 Cable lost interest and left Mariana and Hogue to monitor progress, 

 after our evening meal the kittens do what they are good at, sleeping, my family has only had a couple of cats over the years, one thing they had in common was to curl up into a ball when they slept, but all three of ours just walk then fall to the ground, have a stretch and sleep where they fall, 

 Mariana just waking up,

 falling asleep again,

 after an hour or so she woke up, had another stretch, turned around made herself comfortable, then went back to sleep for a whole episode of Accused,

 just a little bit about the kittens, now all of the paperwork is here, after buying a kitten form a breeder that is recognised by the TICA, (The International Cat Association), you should receive the pedigree of each kitten, above Cables,

also a certificate from TICA, on the back of which is a form to fill in should you sell the kitten and a vaccination booklet, which naturally you should keep up to date, as an aside Cable was born on 8th May, Hogue on 25th May and little Mariana on 12th June, 

back to the evening, we watched two episodes of Accused, both as good as the others we had watched,

and to round off the evening a couple from 3rd Rock From The Sun, with that and a chuckle or two we were off to bed.


Mocha Joe said...

Greetings Stan & Diana. Tremendous fur markings your kittens have! Really eye-catching.

PattayaStan said...

Dear Mocha Joe, we specifically looked for two types of kittens for their markings, Cable and Hogue are both Bengals and Mariana is a F5 Savannah, both known for their 'wild' looks, and such fun to have, if you are thinking of a kitten I would recommend either breed although it is considered if you are out all day to have 2 Bengals as they really do appreciate company if you are not around, twice the fun and three times the home wrecking! best regards, Stan and Diana.