Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Great News,

the Internet is back,

 so on with today's posts, we started by parking in the Friendship car park,

 which was packed as it was market day,

 we went to the market first, passing the construction next to Friendship, still no idea as to what is being built as there are no artists impressions of the completed project on the outside of the hording,

 Pattaya Tai at a standstill,

 I made my way into Soi Bukaow, it is amazing how many goods can be transported on a bamboo stick, all of this is carried to and from the market by one trader,

 walking into Soi Bukaow on the left hand side is the secondhand market,

 on the right,

 the market proper,

 with fresh fruit,

 and vegetables for sale,

 in the centre of the market the mobile live ornamental fish stall,

 towards the middle of the market,

 it opens up, giving an idea of the size of it,

 no excuses for this stall holder to be late!

 the plant section was back this week,

 and the aquatic outlet was open,

 we made our way back to Friendship for our food shopping,

 the middle entrance to the market opposite, whilst there Diana had bought me some black shirts, to wear when we go out as a mark of respect,

in the afternoon apart from playing with the kittens we watched Devil's Advocate, a dark fantasy, as the devil plays his puppet,

after our evening meal a few from Accused, I had not heard of the mini series before, but it is remarkably good, each episode features some one in the dock telling their story of how they arrived there, compelling and highly believable, if like us you have not seen it give it a try,

to round off the evening, 3rd Rock From The Sun and with that we were off to bed.

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