Monday, 17 October 2016

Sunday Already,

time slips past so fast,

 so it was glad rags on, 

 and we were off for Sunday lunch,

 to Soi Diana to The Robin's Nest,

 for our Sunday lunch, the 299 baht 3 course Sunday buffet, the soup of the day was pea and ham,

 but Diana decided on a half kilo of ribs,

 Slim Jim decided on a mixed breakfast

 the Sunday roast for myself,

 followed by ice cream,

 and a latte coffee,

 Diana decided on a normal coffee sprinkled with chocolate, we said our farewells to Slim Jim and took a taxi home, 

in the afternoon Diana played with the kittens, she used one of the feathers we bought at the market last week to tease them with, Mariana has a slight limp, she caught her rear left foot and twisted it playing on the shelves, but although she has a slight limp she is getting better by the day, towards the end of the video Cable gives his impression of a panting dog, he is so out of breath trying to catch the feather, great fun,

 latter in the evening I wanted to try the telephoto lens on the camera, it was a full moon but unfortunately a bit hazy both pictures are as they come out of the camera, no cropping or enhancing, the one above on maximum zoom,

 this one with the telephoto lens attached, a tad less bright but a significant difference in the size of the image, in any event it would have been a lot better if I had used a tripod, 

 first a lens adaptor is fitted,

then the lens itself, 

the camera with ready to go, any way I will wait for a clear evening and bring out the tripod and try for a sharp picture in a few weeks, back inside we watched a couple of game shows, next the evening film Mutant Chronicles, a bit scary but the good guys triumphed, a few from 3rd Rock From The Sun and with that we were off to bed.

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