Tuesday, 18 October 2016

The Post Is Late,

and there will only be this one for today,

 I switched on the Internet after feeding the kittens at roughly 06.15, only to find that it was off, I telephoned 3BB and was told it would be off for some time but engineers were working on the problem, it is now back in the early afternoon, so here is today's post, better late than never as they say, first a drama, Mariana had fallen badly again and could hardly walk, so off to the veterinary surgery, this is it,

 and the rear of Tony's gym that it is behind on Soi Nuern Plub Warn, she was in a lot of pain and was X-Rayed, thankfully all was well in that no bones were broken, the surgeon gave her a injection for the pain and some tablets for tomorrow, total cost a reasonable 800 baht, she is now walking with a limp again, we just hope she does not have another fall in her sleep,

 at home the stinky cactus had 5 more flowers on it,

 all very strange looking,

 and totally bazaar,

 we needed to by some fish and vegetables in the market in the afternoon, so when it opened we were off, 

 we took a chance on beating the incoming storm,

 it was getting darker by the minuet,

 we had just about finished buying the vegetables,

 when we heard the first drops of rain,

 by the time we had walked a few yards to the fish stall it was raining,

 and showed no sign of stopping any time soon,

 then the heavens really opened up, 

 we knew we were going to get wet so we just drove home, where Diana loved dancing in the rain,

after our evening meal we watched a  few game shows, then an evening of 3rd. Rock From The Sun, which we both really enjoyed, then for us an early night, at 11.00 in the evening we were off to bed.

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