Saturday, 22 October 2016

This Is In The,

'what a neat idea' department,

 to protect your bicycle, behold, the SkunkLock, it is a hollow steel U-lock system which houses pressurised noxious chemical deterrent that’s even detectable through some of the most advanced gas masks, the proprietary formula, known as D_1, was developed by Idzkowski and his partner Yves Perrenoud, and apparently in the USA this bobby trap is perfectly legal,

the SkunkLock is made out of hardened medium-carbon steel that exceeds 450 brinell, and is painted in black and white stripes reminiscent of a skunk, the smell is apparently so bad that it will stun perpetrators and cause them to either run in disgust or vomit almost instantly,

as the team states, 'No lock can guarantee someone will not go the extra mile to steal your bike or motorcycle, especially if it’s expensive and worth the risk (and discomfort in our case), however, the SkunkLock does provide you the best chance of deterring theft by being the least attractive lock to compromise on your block, thieves will generally take a slightly less profitable bike if the risk is significantly less, if a thief compromises the SkunkLock, not only are they exposing themselves to noxious chemicals, someone nearby may be asking what that smell is,' what a great deterrent, there is however a slight problem, Idzkowski and Perrenoud are currently seeking to crowdfund their product through Indiegogo, their goal is $20,000, of which they’ve managed to raise $13,699, with a month left to go, if the campaign is successful, they estimate SkunkLock will be available in June 2017, well if I had an expensive bicycle I would be first in the queue to buy one and no I am not on commission, but what a great idea.

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