Wednesday, 19 October 2016

I Have Heard That Good Or Bad Luck,

comes in threes,

well it certainly seems so for a a 26-year-old sheep shearer involved in a road accident near Mortlake, Victoria, Australia, so for his first bit of bad luck he was in an automobile accident, one of the shearers was dropped him off at his Mortlake home but he had to try and get in through a toilet window, he cut himself, second piece of bad luck, and then went to a neighbour's home where he tried to get help, after banging on a back door he tried the window which broke, falling through it he badly cut himself, so there is the third piece of bad luck, an Ambulance Victoria spokesman said that service was called to the address at about 5.30pm to assist a man with cuts to an arm, He was taken to the Warrnambool Base Hospital in a critical condition, to recall he was in a car accident, then cut his arm on his window, followed by falling through a neighbours window and seriously cutting himself, so that is his three bits of bad luck, what else could possibly go wrong now? it is understood the shearer, originally from New Zealand, then suffered a cardiac arrest and was rushed into emergency surgery, the last report was that the man had survived surgery and remains in hospital, it would seem that bad luck now comes in fours! In all seriousness, I hope all goes well for the gentleman in question and I am sure we all wish him well.

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