Wednesday, 12 October 2016

I Have Heard Of Horse Whisperers,

and dog and cat ones for that matter,

 but I have never heard of one that deals in reptiles, 

 until now, meet Ramon Archundia, who has dedicated his life to the preservation of Mexico’s endangered iguanas, His magical ‘iguanario’, a reptile sanctuary in the centre of Manzanillo city, is now home to 642 iguanas,

dismayed at how badly treated some of these creatures were Ramon and his father Juan, kept bringing in new rescued iguanas, and after word of their small ‘iguanario’ spread around the city and the whole Mexican state of Colima, other people started bringing in iguanas, knowing that they would be well taken care of, 

so if you’re ever in Colima, you just have to stop in Manzanillo and visit the amazing Iguanario Archundia, it’s an iguana sanctuary unlike any other, and it’s completely free.

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