Saturday, 15 October 2016

We Have Had Downpours Almost Every Day,

and that has resulted in a steady blooming of flowers,

 notably Diana's stinky cactus, 

 I have mentioned before these give out a rather unpleasant odour to attract insects, not to eat, the plants are not carnivorous but to pollinate them,  

 we were entertained during the day by Arry and son erecting a rain blind on the property next door,

 all to soon it was time to go to the weekend nigh market on the Thepprasit Road,

 looking towards Jomtien lots of cloud,

 the same looking inland,

 to night opposite the bar a clothes stall and one selling shoes,

 more work had been done on the steel-work,

 intermediate cross pieces had been added,

 not many customers in the pet section,

 but tonight I was going to be one,

as I made my way past the stalls well fed cat,

 the amount of stock they have here is amazing,

this is one of the items we needed, we were told to keep the kittens on this until they are a year old, we also bought a couple of boxes of wet food in sachets,

 whilst here I had a look around at some of the items for sale for when the kittens become cats,

 sunset over the market, at least that is where the sun is but behind the clouds,

 a look at the steel-works,

 and I was on my way past some of the empty space now up for rent,

 I sat at the bar as mobile food sellers made their way past,

 looking inland it did not look good,

 and did not improve as the evening wore on,

 we decided to call into the Punch and Judy, which is located between Pattaya 3rd Road and Thepprasit Soi 8,

 I decided on the Friday night special, fish and chips, 

for Diana fillet of pork,

which looked and was delicious, a lovely meal spoilt by one thing, it appears the management now allows dogs to roam the premises inside, one thing I do not like when I am in a restaurant is dogs licking at my legs and ankles, but I guess where these people who the dog belonged to come from in Europe, it is au naturel to eat with dogs roaming around in restaurants, 

arriving home it was feet up for another couple from The Rivals of Sherlock Holmes,

followed by a couple from 3rd Rock From The Sun, and with that we were off to bed.

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