Saturday, 29 October 2016

We Had A Quiet Day,

the kittens as usual were in a playful mood, 

 so Diana took a few pictures of them,



 and Hogue, all taking a break from playing with Diana,

I also took this short video of Cable and Mariana playing with the fountain, it is usually at this time one of them gets accidentally on purpose knock into the water by the other one, as the video is short I have not put any music to it,

 in the late afternoon we made our way to the Thepprasit Road weekend night market,

 looking towards Jomtien the skies heavy with rain clouds,

 the same looking inland,

 as I made my way down the aisles,

 awnings were being put in place, rain was expected,

 opposite the bar this evening a stall selling underwear and a shoe stall,

 no work has appeared to have been done on the steelworks, but when we drove past yesterday there were 6 or so workers on top of it, painting I guess,

 I made my way downhill away from the Thepprasit Road, the skies getting darker by the minute,

 quite a crowd in the pet section,

 as we will not be coming to the market next Friday I had to call into the pet stall,

 and stock up with wet and dry food for the kittens,

 as the rumble of thunder was getting louder I hurried past these upright steelworks, well you never know where lightning will strike!

 sunset over the market,

 looking towards Jomtien the rain clouds were getting darker,

 just as I approached the bar the first few heavy raindrops fell,

 then the heavens opened up,

 the rain just fell down, after 30 or so minutes I was starting to get seriously worried that the water in the road at the bottom of ours would be so flooded we would have to push the motorcycle as the water would be so deep,

 but we could not leave as Diana was still in Tesco Lotus, in the distance one shopper/stall holder,

 makes a dash for cover, 

and then the aisle is empty, and still it rained, eventually it stopped so we made our way home, our street was wet but much to our surprise no flooding, 

after our evening meal we watched a couple of game shows, then 3 or 4 episodes from 3rd Rock From The Sun and with that we were off to bed.

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