Sunday, 16 October 2016

As It Was Saturday,

and we did not have anything planned,

 I decided to give the aquarium another water change,

the fish, like this one, commonly called the red line barbor the red lined torpedo barb amongst others, (Puntius denisonii), named for Sir William Thomas Denison (1804-1871), governor of Madras, India, from 1861-1866, seems to enjoy the water changes,

 the discus, (Symphysodon discus) seem to like them as well, 

 water out, now water in, 

 Diana decided to give me a hand and clean the kittens pool,

 Cable was soon in the water,

 then Mariana came over for a look,

 and then decided to join Cable,

 as the water level went down, 

then it was water in to refill the pool,

 the yellow stinky cactus that was opened yesterday has now closed,

 but around it 5 more buds have appeared, so hopefully in a few days we will have a few more flowers,

 I called over to see a friend of ours who has just had a billiards room built,

 this is a full size billiards/snooker table,

 and behind it a pool table, naturally we christen the snooker table, I finished up losing 41-73,

 on the way back I called in to the 20 baht store,

 we wanted a couple of brushes,

 it always amazes me the amount of stock these stores have,

 in the evening we sat outside for our Saturday night bar-b-q, garlic bread for starters,

 as we now had the Panasonic D300 back repaired free of charge by Panasonic, many thanks to them by the way, I had to take a picture of the nearly full moon, it will be a full moon on Sunday evening,

 then a real treat, Diana knows I love lobster bisque, so she made one for me,

 it was delicious,

 then lite up the barby,

 and on with the chops and potato, 

 one of each for both of us,

 then it was Diana's turn with the camera,

 I have cropped both of these, considering they are hand held I think they are remarkably good,

 to round the evening off cheese and biscuits with celery,

 and, you guessed it,

an Irish coffee sprinkled with cinnamon, we continued listening to music till just before midnight, then for us we were off to bed.

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