Friday, 28 October 2016

In The USA They Are Called Flashlights,

in the UK we call them torches,

well this is the torch to have, not only is it a light source at it's highest of three settings it produces so much heat it can be used as a torch and light paper,

even more amazingly it can be use with a mini saucepan to cook eggs! the FlashTorch Mini is the equivalent of 100 incandescent light bulbs or a hall-sized video projector, at 8.5 inches long and weighing just 0.85 pounds, it is easy to carry around in a backpack, or even a large pocket, at maximum power, its lithium-ion battery allegedly lasts an hour, while at the lowest intensity, battery life reaches 100 minutes, the battery pack recharges without removing it from the case, with an included charger, the Flash Torch Mini sells for around $200 and no I am not on commission, but if I were an outdoor type I would not leave home without one of these.

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