Thursday, 20 October 2016

With More People Taking To Two Wheels,

here are a couple of items to go on your shopping list for Christmas,

 to make bicycling even more enjoyable,
firstly for comfort, a Crown Saddle, this one the Herzog Eberhart,

a tad expensive at €1.554,62, (at today's rate £1,387 or $1,705), but what is mere money when it comes to comfort,

 and of course arriving at your place of choice for a picnic, what better way to transport your meal than the Heritage triple-curved bottom trunk from Moynat, it fits over the front wheel and is made of waterproof canvas, it contains plates, cutlery, thermoses, porcelain goblets and a sandwich drawer,

 the basket itself holds most of the value, it comes with the bicycle attached, the item is only available via special order and is called the Malle Bicyclette, did I mention it was, wait for it, a tad over £32,500, now that is an exclusive bicycle, but it still needs a Herzog Eberhart saddle to make it complete.

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