Thursday, 20 October 2016

It Must Be So Great,

for those involved when an advertising idea takes off,

 first a bit of background, Nissin, the maker of Japan’s iconic Cup Noodle, posted an image to their Facebook page of paper bag with a kettle printed on it, when carried, it created the illusion of a hand pouring hot water into pot noodles as we would call them, 
 it was a one off, just a light hearted semi joke, but it had unforeseen consequences, people loved the bag and wanted one, the response was so overwhelming that Nissin decided to make the idea a reality,

 the Cup Noodle 'Hot Water Pouting Bag' was recently added to Nissin’s online store, where it’s available for 300 yen (about £2.35 or $2.90 at today's rate), and no I am not on commission, but I do like the look of the bag, I am guessing that whoever thought this idea up has risen a few rungs up on the corporate ladder!

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