Wednesday, 12 October 2016

I Had A Lazy Afternoon,

Diana went to town to the hairdressing salon,

 and to do some shopping, whilst I watched television, the kittens roamed around, then a splash,

 someone had fallen in the pool,

 I expected to see Mariana or Cable drying themselves off, 

 but to my surprise it was Hogue,

 who never normally shows any interest in the pool or water, just sits on the edge of it looking into the front yard, I suspect that one of the others pushed him in, accidentally on purpose if you see what I mean,

 my suspicions were confirmed, when a still wet Hogue started giving Cable the evils, 

 late in the afternoon Diana called to say she was ready to be picked up, our usual coffee stall had already gone home for the day, so we went to another one,

 on the way back we called at the 20 baht shop,

 we needed a plunger, the kitchen sink had become slow at emptying,

 and we needed a new house brush, the kittens had shorten the life of the one we had by a considerable margin, I took a few pictures of the stall, the amount of stock these places hold is nothing short of amazing,

 the stall conveniently has a fresh food market opposite, 

 home with a very strong ice coffee before our evening meal,

Diana's hair looking as lovely as ever, as an aside I do not remember seeing that handbag before, I guess we will try it out tomorrow,

 I mentioned I watched television in the afternoon, a few game shows and for the afternoon film Exodus Gods and Kings, great film with so many special effects, I liked the bit where they are building the brand new Spinx, then some time later it is in the background showing a couple of thousand years of ageing, but in the time line of the film just a few years separates both events, strangely enough I also did not remember that there were a plague of crocodiles, but I think the producers put that one in as a precursor to the Nile turning to blood where the crocodiles by eating the fisherman and themselves turned the waters into blood, or perhaps there was a plague of crocodiles and everyone forgot to mention it, but it certainly liven the movie up,

 after our evening meal Diana asked to watch one of my favourites, Fracture, I have written about it so many times, and the rolling ball sculpture that features in it, suffice to say we both enjoyed watching it,

to round the evening off The Lincoln Lawyer, where every one, well except the, no I will not spoil it, gets their just deserts, and with that and the late hour we were off to bed.

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