Thursday, 13 October 2016

Free, The Full Range Of ProMarkers And BrushMarkers,

that’s all 220 of them, 

from Winsor and Newton, they are the first prize in a competition, all you have to do is download the template above and using predominantly ProMarkers and/or BrushMarkers transform the lines derived from the Winsor & Newton logo and turn it in to a piece of art,

 here are a few examples,

 of how the template can be used,

the company is inviting graphic marker lovers all over the world to participate in their global #InspiredByProMarker drawing challenge,

here is how to enter and some of the important rules you'll need to follow:

1. Create your artwork – it can be anything you like, but you must use the lines displayed on the template
2. Your artwork must be made using mainly ProMarkers and/or BrushMarkers

3. Upload your picture to Instagram using the hashtags: #InspiredByProMarker and #WinsorNewtonChallenge. You can enter as many artworks as you would like and the closing date is 31 October 23.59 GMT 

just a small note, I have nothing to do with the challenge so read all of the conditions on the website before starting, but what a bit of fun and a great prize if you like the chance to win graphic markers, so pens out and let the competition commence!

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