Monday, 31 October 2016

If You Are Going To Pay,

a small fortune for a sports car,

 in this case Audi’s R8 that has everything you’d want in a sports car, you I guess would start by looking at the sales blurb, all beautifully photographed in a variety of locations,

in this case the base engine is a 5.2-liter 540-hp V-10; the V10 Plus makes 610 hp. all-wheel drive is standard, as is a seven-speed automatic, 

 the interior features a 12.3-inch configurable display in lieu of traditional gauges; there is also 4G LTE connectivity and Wi-Fi hotspot capability, taking all of that into account you might want to take a closer look at a brochure, 

  here is the thing all of the above pictures were taken using a $40 scale model,

 the automaker commissioned photographer Felix Hernandez to create the series as a promotion for the high-end car, as behind-the-scenes photo of his studio setup reveal, most of the work is done with miniatures and special effects rendered mostly in ordinary edible household products,

“I love photo manipulation and digital art, but what’s really cool is doing as much as you can in-camera,” says Hernandez in a piece he wrote for PetaPixel, “for snow scenes, I use wheat flour, for desert scenes, I use corn flour, for atmosphere, I add smoke, for rain, I spray water, for droplets, I add corn syrup, in some photos, I add images into my background, I also use Photoshop for adding effects that are difficult or impossible to do in-camera – things like adding a sense of motion, color grading, etc.” previous photosets have included a series in which the artist took photos of a young boy and a miniature boat and blended them together in Photoshop, see them, storm troopers and other examples of his work on Behance, great pictures, I have to say I was totally fooled by the $40 model.

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