Thursday, 27 October 2016

There Is Only One Post Today,

as there are lots of pictures and we are going fishing,

 first stop the hospital for my now 3 monthly check up,

 I did go every two months, but from my last visit it is now every 3 months,

 blood sample taken, heart rate 140 over 67 at 77 beats a minute, a slight weight loss at 77.2 kilograms, next stop breakfast, in LK Metro

 at Kilkenny,

 I sat at the front of the bar looking across the street at the Bilabong,

inside the bar it is nicely laid out,

 whilst waiting,

 I took a few pictures,

 of some of the early morning mobile stalls that drove past,

 this one had so many goods for sale you almost could not see the motorcycle, 

 a couple of sales and he was on his way,

 breakfast arrived, not in the picture an orange juice, all for a very reasonable 145 baht, I have over the years that I have been coming here every two months for my check up tried all of the early morning restaurants that are open in Soi Bukaow and this, Kilkenny's, is by far and away the best value for money and quality,

 I had some time to kill as it takes an hour for the results of the blood-work to be available,

 so I took a few more pictures,

 of the mobile stalls,

 going past, then back to the hospital for the blood-work results and consultation, all was well, blood sugar a tad high at 130 but the fact that my HbA1c was at 5.4 meant that the slightly high figure was not a worry,

 so off home to find the kittens,

 running up the doors,

 and down again,

 we then popped out for a little shopping at the market opposite the temple on Pattaya Tai,

 and a ice tea and coffee on the way back, 

 arriving back I had a catnap on the sofa, as did Mariana on my leg,

 then there was a mighty crash,

 as a rainstorm hit town,

 it chucked it down,

 the kittens came running to us on the sofa,

 I decided to take a couple of pictures of their fur, 

 although it does not look it here,

 all of them seem to have a metallic sheen in their hairs, the storm continued, 

 that was a loud one, 

 no it was not,

 yes it was! 

 in a break in the rain I went outside,

 as usual the drains could not with the rain,

 but at least it was not as bad as usual,

 the good news is that we are slightly uphill,

 and do not live at the lower end of the street,

 we were going to go out to a restaurant, but due to the flooding decided to eat indoors, 

 so a glass of medicinal red wine,

 and it was eyes down and tuck in to an Indian meal,

before our dessert I took a couple of pictures of the fish in the aquarium, this one a red tailed black shark, (Epalzeorhynchos bicolor also known as Labeo bicolor), it is a native of Thailand,

 I still have not found the name of this one,  

 Diana asked me what my favourite fish in the aquarium was, well this is it, a male bleeding heart tetra, (Hyphessobrycon erythrostigma), the picture does not do him justice, 

 we also have three females, 

 and here he is with them,

for Diana this is her favourite, the Red Lined Torpedo Barb or the Rose Line Shark, (Sahyadria denisonii),

 then a real treat, 

 a home made toffee and apple Crêpe Suzette, 

 when I say home made Diana made not only the Crêpes themselves,

 but also made the toffee that she put in a plastic bag along with a bag of cream to put over them, I use the word often, delicious, and they were!

 someone could smell the cream,

 then it was play time for the kittens,

 Diana had put new feathers on one of their toys,

 which they enjoyed,  

 whilst all of the playing was going on,

 we decided to weigh them,

 lightest and youngest, Mariana at 1.7 kilograms,

 Hogue weigh in at 2.6 kilos,

 whilst the heaviest, Cable, tipped the scales at 3.1 kilos, 

 they continued playing for a few hours, 

 then it was time for door climbing,


 I also took a couple more pictures,

 of their coats, 

 then a bit of fun, we have often heard that cats do not like being surprised by cucumbers,

like these ones,

so we tried it with our kittens,

 to get over that it was door climbing time again,

 which they all seem to excel at,

 the problem is reaching the top,

 we then get the 'help get me down' look, we listen to music for the rest of the evening then well past the midnight hour we were all off to bed.

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