Thursday, 13 October 2016

Cable Has Got In To The Habit Of Climbing The Mesh Door,

between the living room,

 and the kittens room, not to be outdone,

 Mariana has now decided to join him,

 on his climbing excursions,

 and seems very confidante at it,

 meanwhile Hogue is happy on the sofa as we air the cushions,

 in the evening it was glad rags on,

 and we were off to Soi Lengkee, for our evening meal at Steak & Co,

 at the top of the Soi the L K Presidential looking nice and bright, 

 eyes down and look in at the menu,

 I knew what I was going to order before we arrived, so I had a look at the well stocked bar,

 decision made, Diana opted for a Caesar salad, which looked and was excellent,

 for myself one of the nicest lobster bisque's in town, 

 which was followed by a complimentary sorbet,

 our main courses arrived,

 we both chose the same, 

 a Wagyu fillet steak,

 Diana's well done,

 medium for myself, to accompany the steaks we chose buttered mushrooms and onion rings, 

 all topped off with a complimentary lemon after dinner drink,

the meal was excellent and we were surprisingly full, we called a blue and yellow taxi and were soon on our way home, 

where it was feet up for The Rivals Of Sherlock Holmes, a nightcap and we were off to bed.

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