Saturday, 15 October 2016

Astronomy Is Getting More And More Difficult,

the main reason is light pollution,

 sodium amongst other gases that are use in street lights spills out into the evening darkness, meaning that even in small towns you have to travel many miles to see all of the stars in the sky,

 but here is an idea from a young Japanese art student named Moe Tsukada, tiny holes are pierced into an envelope, creating an astrologically accurate depiction of the heavenly bodies, a double-layered mechanism allows for light to filter in, which illuminates the inside of the envelope, text written in both Japanese and English instructs the recipient to peer inside for a special surprise,

She submitted her prototype to a design contest last year, where she won first prize, they were recently brought to market by paper craft company Kaminokousakujo,

and this is what you will see, your own personal universe, all you have to do now is to remember how to write a letter and post it to a friend for them to share.

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