Saturday, 15 October 2016

We Wanted To Buy Some New Cutlery,

so we were off,

 first strop Index,

 on the Sumkivitt Road, we had expected to find at least 30 or more designs to chose from but alas there were fewer than 15 or so on display and none to our liking,

next stop on Pattaya North, Fascino, we wanted a few tablets, in case you do not know it, the store is huge and sells everything you might need in the way of medication and medical appliances,

 we then swung by the shop behind what was once Big C near the Dolphin roundabout,

 outside there are so many garden ornaments to chose from,

 from golden lions,

 to bird baths,

 plus lots of planters and pots, inside everything you can think of for the home, we bought a few things there, but no cutlery, 

 next stop Big C Extra on Central Road,

 we were lucky and managed to park at the front of the building,

 which meant I could have a look at the aquatic outlet in front of the store,

 we had a look around both Big C Extra and homeWorks which is next to it on the same floor, but still no luck in finding what we wanted, as we were already here we just had to stop at Swensens for an ice cream,

 chocolate for Diana, a strawberry sundae for myself,

 we also needed a few things from Friendship,

 where next door work was continuing,

 we also stopped off for an ice coffee and tea,

 and at the market, for some fresh fruit,

 and some fish for Mariana, who has taken a liking to tilapia,

 arriving home,  

 Diana decided to give the kittens a shampoo, 

 Mariana found it all very interesting,

 Cable did not,

 good job she does not know,

 it will be her turn soon,

 then it was the turn of Hogue, 

 who like Cable was not amused at all,

 well it had to happen,

 it was Marianas turn in the shower,

the good news was that in no time at all they were all dry and back to their usual selves, and amazingly Diana did not have a scratch on her,

after our evening meal we watched Season of the Witch, which we thought was rather good, shame it got a panning from film goers and critics,

we followed with another couple for The Rivals of Sherlock Holmes,

and rounded the evening off with 3rd Rock From The Sun, and with that we were off to bed.

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